This is the nice city......

Angela and I had a tired flight. We were waiting for the flight to COS for almost 6 hours.
It's a long trip for us.
We're in Professor Ralph's lab to get the internet, because there's no internet and telephone
in our apartment. It seems we're both isolated. >"<~
Ralph's wife took us to the glocery store which only provides American things, and we spent almost 80 dollars there. But I don't think the things here is much more expensive than Taiwan. Wa're going to prepare our breakgfast and dinner by ourself. My goodness! I've never done cooking on my own! hahaha~~ Ralph took us to look around the campus. Maybe the campus is smaller than the university in United states. But it's much better than TCU. I would like to have some special experience here.... I'll try to do my best! Now, it's 3:28 pm in Colorado. But all of you are enjoying your fancy dream in Taiwan, aren't you?

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